Privacy Made Easy

Krate is a feature-packed, cloud-based data storage and privacy solution that eliminates the risk of becoming a cybercrime victim.

True Security Includes All of Your Data.​

Although protected by some form of security, company data banks that store your information risk being compromised either through criminal aggression or human error. With Krate, you can secure your data and identity in an unalterable digital record that is owned, accessed, and controlled by you (and only you.)

What Krate Offers

The Krate Cloud offers a privacy solution platform that empowers you to take back ownership of your identity and data.

Private Digital Identities

Use your validated digital identity to sign up for anything, all without disclosing your identity to third-parties.​

Secure Storage

Store your data in a distributed and decentralized system without the risks of a traditional solution.

Confidential Compute

Participate in research without worrying about your data being misused or exposed.

Secure Communication

Every message is uniquely encrypted, and it is impossible to determine who sent or received messages on the network.

Egalitarian Blockchain

Our Egalitarian blockchain is a scalable, democratic, permissionless private/public hybrid that is accessible from any device.

Circular Economy

Our circular economy provides users with the ability to earn our token by contributing resources and to pay for services with those tokens.

Four Reasons Why Krate Is
the Cloud Storage Solution for You:

Store any file of any size, confident that — no matter how personal, confidential, important, or mundane — your information will never be lost, corrupted, or stolen.


Protect yourself from all forms of cybercrime, from the inconvenience of a credit card breech to the long-term expense and disruption of having your identity erased or stolen.

Provide conclusive proof of identity, ownership, and events on demand in order to enforce your rights effectively and efficiently.


Relax knowing your information is private and secure without needing to configure, update, or second-guess your privacy settings. Ever.


Transform Your Data From a Vulnerability Waiting to Be Exploited to an Ally That Supports, Empowers, and Protects You.